Review Your Fire Risk Assessment Following Changes

Your fire risk assessment should be reviewed regularly to ensure it is kept up to date and should take into account any changes to the premises that may affect the fire safety. Examples of changes may include:

  • Structural changes to the layout of the building
  • Changes of use to part or all of the premises
  • The number of persons using the premises
  • Changes to the hours the premises is occupied
  • If there is any sort of fire incident, no matter how minor

To keep your fire risk assessment up to date and still accurate for the premises it should be reviewed periodically. This may be required more frequently for higher risk premises (6 monthly) and less frequently for low risk premises (12 monthly).

A full new fire risk assessment would be recommended annually unless all action plan points from the previous risk assessment had been completed and the fire safety logbook is being completed & maintained to a high standard.

We can Review and Advise on any Fire Risk Assessment

If you have any concerns about a fire risk assessment you have had completed by another company, or completed yourself, we can review it for you and give you recommendations on it. An experienced fire safety manager can review your Fire Risk assessment online for a fee of £75.00 . 

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